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The clouds have been gathering, but Gary and I really want to get out climbing so we hike up to North Table Mountain’s Golden Cliffs and watch the weather for a bit. A few rain drops, a couple bursts of thunder, then all seems to have calmed down. Gary gears up for the trad line Natural Fact (5.7).

I split my eyes between Gary’s lead and the weather. Both of us are wishing we’d gone to Eldo or Boulder Canyon where the skies seem clearer.

Since I should be rock climbing this weekend, I let Gary select another lead after following Natural Fact. He jumps on the sport route next door – Pack O’ Bobs (5.7).

The crux moves are hard for trad climbers like us – requiring balance and finger strength. Not wanting to commit to the moves, Gary lowers and I manage to finish the climb. Gary then offers me the next lead, and I find some shade in the route War with a Rack (5.8).

Wow, this climb is fun and worth more than the single star the guide book grants it. While technically a harder climb than Pack O’ Bobs, the climbing style suits Gary and I better and we both have a big grin after finishing it.

Smiling, we pack up and head down the trail as lightening flashes in the distance and drive off as rain starts to pelt the windshields. I’m extra happy since War with a Rack was my first trad 5.8 at Golden Cliffs that I haven’t taken a lead fall on.


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