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Ouray Ice Park

Trying to drive to Ouray Friday night to maximize the time available for ice climbing resulted in sleeping in on Saturday. The three-day weekend turned out to be a popular one for the ice park with plenty of guided groups. We squeezed in where we could and ended up climbing next to some people we knew who were climbing with Chicks with Picks.

Sunday we got a bit earlier start and didn’t have to walk as far as the South Park area to find a climb open. Instead we climbed at the New Funtier section of the park.

I got a couple photos of the climber next to us before we walked back to the bridge.

There we ran into a couple we had talked to in the morning and ended up doing some cool-down laps on their rope setup near the bridge.

The hot springs and Ouary Brewery were taken advantage of before we got up the next morning for the drive back (lengthened by some new snow on Monarch Pass).

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