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My most recent outdoor weekend started with a post-work trail run with Brad out of the Doudy Draw trailhead. We covered a semi-hilly 8 miles at a mostly conversational pace. Our main topic was the outdoor efforts we were planning for next year and how we could support one another in those endeavors.

Saturday I spent the day out-of-doors, but largely in my backyard as I built my first retaining wall to level out our side yard for a future garden plot. The work was a lot of fun and took me back to my days of regular trail maintenance and should be the first of many such projects.

And on Sunday I decided to metaphorically combine the prior two day’s activities by running and hiking a marathon on my first Boulder Trail Runners “Church Run”. The Church Runs are usually all-day affairs involving a lot of elevation gain. Today’s all-trail loops at Heil and Hall Ranches near Lyons were notable for being particularly runnable. The pace and elevation gain turned out to be perfect training for my Tecumseh Trail Marathon sweep role in a few weeks. Three of us (out of the original 8 runners who started) finished up the full distance for the day and with plenty of hydration and food I’m not sure we ever really hit the wall.


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Since I signed up for a 3-day cycling event in the fall, I figured I needed to spend more time on the bike getting ready. My longest rides had been near 50 miles, so today I wanted to do 60+. Starting at 6:30am before it got too hot, I took off on a loop from South Boulder to Lyons, then across to Hygiene and Longmont before heading south back to Boulder.

In Lyons I stopped at the Stone Cup for a huge baked good and could only eat half of it before getting back on the bike and with some extra rations. If I wasn’t trying to put in the miles before the temperature reached 90, I would have enjoyed staying around for a relaxing cup of coffee before riding back.

I was planning on going out easy, but when I ran across a huge group racing the Athleta Iron Girl Boulder Women’s Triathlon I couldn’t resist picking up the speed and seeing how many of the racers I could pass on 63rd and Foothills Pkwy. Anyway, congrats to all the participants who did more running and swimming than I did today.

Using home like an aid station, I stopped to refill my water bottles, snack and then head right back out to get another 25 miles on the rolling hills east of Boulder.

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Boulder Cyclocross

I spent a couple hours Sunday afternoon in Lyons at the Boulder Cyclocross Series’s final event. Turned out I knew one person racing that day, but my objective was just to spectate and see what photos I could get.

Complete photo gallery.

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