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On the short hike to Mitchell Lake Jeremy mentioned that he’s been trail running recently. I wonder if I need to put down the muffin I’m stuffing my face with and get ready to pick up the pace.

From the lake we head north up to hanging valley via large blocks of talus and hit the southeast ridge that leads towards Mount Audubon.

Simple scrambling leads to a gradually more defined ridge and we decide it’s time for helmets.

Having failed to read the guidebook description, I’m surprised by the sudden notch we encounter. The point I’m standing on seems to overhang in 3 directions, but we eventually find a scrambling route off to the north side then down to the notch.

Some fun (Roach says “nifty”) ledges lead out of the notch.

Beyond the ledges we encountered just a slog up grass and easy talus slopes. At least more of the scenery presented itself and (somewhat) made up for the lack of interest in the terrain at our feet.

After a brief break on top of Mount Audubon we descended off to the west to continue the ridge on to Paiute Peak.

This portion of the climb is a Roach “classic” but the terrain seemed simple and neither of us ever felt like donning a helmet.

Though short, the north on the other side of Audubon turned out to be our favorite section of the day.

The summit register had a few names we both recognized, but neither of us felt compelled to add our own signatures. Lunch brought out a discussion on the merits of different breads for “un-crushable-ness” vs “jelly absorption” and the benefits of different sandwich ingredients (Bread is for Strength, Cheese is for Courage).

From the summit we dropped down on the ridge leading to Mount Toll for a short ways, then continued directly down to the valley down a loose dirt and scree gully. I had thought the descent might be steeper, but we could pretty much scree-surf most of the way.

Blue Lake’s waterfall was impressive as always.

A nice finish to the climb was having Mountain Sun’s staff mess up the serving of my stout and getting a second pint free.

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